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Vencon-Varsos S.A.

New Powell 6360 Harvester

For Powell 6360 Harvester.

Powell 6027 Burley Harvester

For Powell 6027 Burley Harvester.

Option #1

For Powell Bulk Barns.
Complete Furnace Replacement with Dependable, Efficient MarCo System.

Option #2

For Powell Bulk Barns.
Replace Heat Exchanger.
Purchase With or Without Burner.  Utilize Existing Air System.

Option #3

For Non-Powell Bulk Barns Developed by Vencon-Varsos S.A.
Furnace Replacement With Evans-Ventobacco System, MarCo Burner.


Octopus Hexe® (Patent Pending) Developed by Vencon-Varsos S.A.
Specifically designed to retrofit barns with propeller fans:
Bulktobac™, Roanoke™, Long™

Smart Technology, the VK 981

For the VK 981
Takes tobacco curing into the future
Works on all brands of Bulk Barns

The V2K Curing Control

For the V2K Curing Control
Ventobacco V2K is a CURING CONTROL of the latest
technology designed to precisely control a Burner's
operation during the Curing cycle.

MarCo MOD Damper Control

For the MarCo MOD Damper Control
The MarCo MOD Modulating Damper Control utilizes a
Honeywell brand solid-state control and a matching
Belimo modulating damper motor.


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