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Vencon-Varsos S.A.

   Has the Cure for What Ails Tobacco
Virtually All Barns
Developed by Vencon-Varsos S.A.
Furnace Replacement With Evans-Ventobacco System, MarCo Burner.
  • Virtually the same unit RJR is having installed in barns for which they are contracting.
  • Very efficient heat exchanger.
  • Utilizes current fan motor in most cases.
  • Heat exchanger is 100% stainless steel for long life.
  • Galvanized steel frame with insulated, galvanized sides for greater efficiency.
  • Available with LP gas, natural gas or oil burner.

"I Know It Works.
That's What Counts."

When it came time to select a heat exchanger system, South Carolina tobacco farmer Jim Wiggins chose the MarCo system with a Midco burner in an Evans/Ventobacco curing unit. "I had researched all the possibilities, and I felt the MarCo was the most economical system on the market," he says. "It also has a track record. Earlier models have been used for years in Greece, and RJR is comfortable with it. These things influenced me."

Jim has a large installation of Roanoke bulk barns, which have been in service for a number of years, and added two new Long barns this season with MarCo heat exchangers. "This system has been virtually trouble-free," Jim reports. "We are curing out a barn in about the same time as before, but cures are even better now." Jim installed new fans but kept his original motors, boosting the air flow with less cost. So far, he has converted six Roanoke barns and two Long barns. He will eventually complete the job with MarCo systems. "I know it works. That's what counts," Jim comments.


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