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Vencon-Varsos S.A.

   Has the Cure for What Ails Tobacco
Powell and DeCloet Bulk Barns

Replace heat Exchanger. Purchase With or Without Burner. Utilize Existing Air System.

  • Heat exchanger to replace gas combustion chamber or oil heat exchanger in existing Powell Maxi I, Maxi II and 511 furnaces.
  • 100% stainless steel construction for long life.
  • Utilizes existing mounts in furnace.
  • Incorporated 6 flues, providing increased surface area for greater efficiency. ( Only two flues are currently offered on most heat exchangers.)
  • Can be fired by either oil, LPG or natural gas.
  • Exhausts out the rear of the barn rather than through the roof


"Hands Down, MarCo's the BEST."

Tobacco farmer Billy Bass has no doubt how the MarCo Heat Exchanger compares to competitive brands. He has tried it both ways. Billy produces about 135 acres of flue-cured tobacco in Wilson County, NC. He has converted 11 Powell barns with the MarCo system.
He also has two barns of another make, and they have been retrofitted with that company's furnace and heat exchanger system. "MarCo is hands down the best system out there," says Billy.He is particularly impressed by the superior airflow in the MarCo units.

"The MarCo equipment pumps a high volume of air through the chamber, so we cure in seven days or less with the Powell barns, and also save fuel," Billy reports. Other converted barns, he says, have air flow deficiencies, stretching out the cure by two to three extra days. Good airflow is a key to successful nitrosamine reduction, and Billy says nothing compares to MarCo in that category. "MarCo does the job, and Tom Pharr's team at MarCo worked with me 100 percent," he advises.

What they're saying in Georgia, Florida and Virginia

"We made the right choice with the MarCo heat exchanger system in our Powell bulk barns. Some other brands can't cook the tobacco out. But MarCo cooks out a barn as quickly as a conventional system. And MarCo gives us better quality too. MarCo is the way to go."
Franklin Burch, Screven, GA

"We installed the MarCo heat exchanger and burner in some of our Powell barns, but kept the original furnace case and fans. I thought cooking time would go up with the MarCo heat exchanger, but it stayed the same. And the cures were good. We had a very satisfactory experience with MarCo, and we like to stay with what works."
Damon Dees, James, FL

"Francis Oil Service has installed about twenty MarCo heat exchangers and burners for tobacco farmer customers. There haven't been any complaints at all, and that says a lot for the MarCo system. I predict a good future for MarCo in this area."
Grayson Francis, Brookneal, VA


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