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Powell Bulk Barns

Complete Furnace Replacement with Dependable, Efficient MarCo System.
  • Direct replacement for 511, Maxi II and Maxi I Powell furnaces.
  • Automated damper controls can be mounted with minimum effort.
  • Available with either 5hp or 7.5 hp motor (7.5 hp recommended for box barns).
  • American-made burners of latest design for LPG, natural gas or oil.
  • Fan rotor with "air-foil" blades for most efficient movement of air. The 5 hp motor-equipped fan provides 20% more air than Powell's OEM squirrelcage fan with same hp motor.
  • The fan is strategically located below the heat exchanger, providing uniform air movement over entire heat exchanger surface, thus securing uniform cooling and maximum possible efficiency.
  • MarCo heat exchanger furnaces provide practically the same fuel consumption as direct-fired furnaces.


"MarCo Cures BETTER and FASTER."

Like a growing number of successful flue-cured tobacco farmers, Jeffrey Parks selected the MarCo system to meet his heat exchanger needs. Jeff tends 60-70 acres of tobacco in Wayne County, NC, and is known as an excellent planner and manager. "I have never gone into anything unless I knew it would work," says Jeff. "After comparing all the available heat exchangers, I chose MarCo. It was the right decision."


The Parks tobacco operation features 17 Powell bulk barns-1981-87 models-which were purchased used. Fourteen of the units have been converted to the MarCo system. "Since the barns had some age, we decided to install the MarCo furnace and burners too," Jeff reports. "Now we are curing out faster and better. We save half a day to a day compared to the old system, mainly due to better air flow."
Jeff says gas use per barn cycle is remaining about the same as with the traditional Powell curing equipment. "The MarCo is just a really efficient system, and it's giving us high-quality cures too," Jeff concludes.


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