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 Exclusive partners with

Vencon-Varsos S.A.


   Has the Cure for What Ails Tobacco

"The Octopus gave us quality cures and excellent fuel economy"

Octopus Hexe® (Patent Pending)
Developed by Vencon-Varsos S.A.

Specifically designed to retrofit barns with propeller fans:

Bulktobac™, Roanoke™, Long™

  The most advanced design in the market with the signature and warranty of the most experienced engineering team in indirect fired curing equipment.    
The highest combustion efficiency (over 85% (Gross) - 95%(net)).

Its large heat exchange surface is parallel to the air flow insuring the minimum possible air restriction (pressure drop) in the air supply to the barn.

Note: Octopus restricts the air flow less than any other heat exchanger in the market and less than most of the old direct fired burners.


  When retrofitting with an Octopus, your barn's air supply to the tobacco will remain
the same or better than before.
  The Octopus heat exchanger is made with heavy gauge, high quality, 304 stainless steel
for long lasting, trouble free operation.
  The Octopus is supplied with either a Midco gas burner (Natural or LP gas)
or a Beckett oil burner.

    Special Design Features include:
  • Bulktobac™ units include fresh air intake damper in cabinet.
  • Cabinet is designed to fit each specific barn application.
  • Cabinet sides are insulated and covered on both sides with galvanized sheet metal.
  • Provides uniform heat and air distribution to both left and right sides of barn.
  • Exhaust stack is designed for each specific barn.
  • Exhaust stack exits through side of barn, not through the roof.
  • Fastest and easiest installation of any unit on the market.


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Last modified: 01/18/08