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Curing Control V2K


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Vencon-Varsos S.A.

   Has the Cure for What Ails Tobacco


  • The MarCo/Ventobacco V2K is a digital tobacco CURING CONTROL with the latest technology designed to precisely control the burner operation during the curing cycle. It will operate on any barn with 120V current, and is housed in a metal box for protection. Mounting of the control can be anywhere in the furnace room area, but should be such that water from rain or condensation does not fall directly on it.

    The V2K displays continuously the following:
    • Dry bulb temperature set limit (set by the operator).
    • Actual dry bulb temperatures at the bottom and the top of the curing chamber.
    • Temperature advance rate (TA) in °F/Hr. (set by the operater).
    By pressing the “See Float” button, the operator can see what temperature the control is operating at. The “Float” temperature is the temperature that the control is expecting from the burner as it advances from the start temperature to the set temperature.

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