Model 6027

  Burley Burley Harvester


This harvester is a tractor 3-point hitch mounted harvester designed to cut the stalk at near ground level, notch the stalk for hanging, orient the stalk perpendicular to the direction of travel, and positively convey it by special “gripper” chain to a wagon or trailer which is pulled alongside the harvester.  The self-contained hydraulic system is powered by the PTO of the tractor carrying the harvester.  The harvesting head, which is the heart of the machine, is the same harvesting head, with improvements, proven in operation for more than 15 years of field use on Powell 6215 burley harvesters.



Weight                                                       2500 lbs.

Tractor size                                                80 HP minimum

PTO required                                             540 RPM

Harvesting speed                                       1.5 – 2.5 MPH (approximately)

Harvesting Capacity                                  3 - 4 acres per day*

Manpower required                                   1 for harvester tractor,

1 for wagon tractor

Stalk cut-off saw                                       20 in. diameter

Notching saw                                            10 in. diameter carbide tipped

Hydraulic capacity                                    30 gallons


* Capacity depends on many factors, including tobacco condition, length of rows, headland for maneuvering, transports wagons available, etc.


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